Technology That Can Help to Prevent Driving Distractions and Their Dangers

Increasing driver awareness is the best key to establish road safety and eliminate the risk of distracted driving-related accidents. Our drivers indispensably need to know how to use their Android phones in order to prevent accidents. Whether you are driving a car or a motorcycle, you should wear a car or motorcycle gloves for safety, for hands matter much in driving.

To a great extent, car safety features and phone software can help you save lives staying away from accidents.

Car-wreck death tolls are on the rise these days, and many experts are of the opinion that drivers distracted by smartphones and other technology are prone to accidents.

Newly developed high-tech safety features truly help drivers who show carelessness and distraction in driving. All these 4 features actually have the ability to help drivers prevent a severe car crash.

  1. Forward-Collision Warning

Wonderfully, it proffers an audible, visual, and tactile alert to warn drivers of an imminent smash with a car. This safety feature is highly appreciated and encouraged by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for 27% reduction in back end nasty bump.

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking

This feature helps to sense a heavy bang and the driver fails to apply the brake in time, it immediately and automatically engages the brakes. Technically, the data shows that if FCB and AEB are interlinked, a 50% reduction in rear-end thud for vehicles is likely possible.

  1. Lane-Departure Warming

The function of this feature is to warn the drivers who cross the lane markings with their vehicles and the turn signal isn’t engaged. The research has discovered that if drivers installed the LDW system in their vehicles, they would be able to reduce nearly 85000 bangs and more than 55000 injuries on roads.

70% of the drivers who have installed this feature are really contented with their LDW system.

  1. Lane-Keeping Assist

If your car starts to stray out of a lane, the feature is there to provide you with some steering or braking facilities to keep your car in the right position.

On the highway, often the drivers drive their cars out of the lanes for various reasons such as distraction, exhaustion, an inability to see the lines, and even ennui. To cope with the situation, vehicles are getting equipped with these lane-keep assist features.

         5 Smartphone Apps to prevent distracted driving

Recently released new Smartphone android apps can help the drivers prevent, analyze, track, and report bad driver conduct.

Here are a few apps compiled for you to prevent distracted driving.

  1. LifeSaver

This app is very beneficial for drivers to abandon their fatal driving habits by monitoring through a GPS system. The app works like a motorcycle armor that is used to protect from injuries. In the same way, this app protects the drivers to keep them safe and sound on the road by blocking the ability to use phones.

  1. TextLimit

This app helps to restrict automatically different functions on your phone from operating when you are driving at a certain speed. When the driving speed slows down at the predetermined speed, your phone’s restricted features will automatically start functioning.

  1. TrueMotion

Comparatively, TrueMotion has distinctive features that help you inform the driving status, rating your overall driving. It also facilitates you with your exact location on the road with your trip/ tour history.

  1. ly

The app is amazingly developed for the drivers especially to save them from any inconvenience on the road. This app wonderfully reads incoming text messages and emails audibly. Actually, the true function of the app is to prevent the drivers from reading the messages looking down the phone on the road.


  1. TextBuster

This app is beautifully developed to lock all text, email, and internet features when the car is running at its full speed. TextBuster automatically communicates with your Android Smartphone through Bluetooth to prevent Internet functions such as e-mail, and SMS; however, it doesn’t avoid incoming or outgoing phone calls on mobile phone networking.


All these features and Android apps are available to help you curb cell phone usage and reduce distracted driving accidents while driving on the road.




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