The 10 Best GM CARS Ever Made In History! Which One Of These Cars Is Your FAVORITE DRIVING TOOL?!

General Motors (or General Motors Corporation or GM) is an American automobile manufacturer based in Detroit, Michigan, USA, which still controlled a dozen brands in the late 1990s. Today it is one of the leading automotive companies in the world. In 2015, the group sold 9.96 million vehicles worldwide, the highest number since 1978, when 9.55 million vehicles were sold. The US group has 219,000 employees and has production facilities in 30 US states and 33 countries.

The company was founded in 1908 by William C. Durant. His successor, Alfred P. Sloan has made the largest car manufacturer in the world between 1931 and 2005. GM has again become the first car manufacturer in the world, ahead of Volkswagen and Toyota, in the first quarter of 2011. All of the fans of American cars owe this automotive giant a lot. This is why in this article we decided to point out the 10 best GM cars ever made by the company.

1959 Cadillac DeVille

The ‘59 DeVille is best known for having two distinctive rooflines, large pointed tailfins with dual bullet tail lights, new jewel-like grille patterns, and roof pillar configurations. Тhe 6.4 liter engine was capable to deliver a hearty output of 325 hp. Standard equipment of this car include automatic transmission, power windows, power steering, outside rearview mirror, two way power seats,  two-speed wipers, back-up lamps, power brakes and wheel discs. The rear wheels of the ’59 DeVille were covered by plain fender skirts and 4-door hardtop versions were offered with either four or six windows.


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