The 1974 Ford Gran Torino Specs!

1974 Ford Gran Torino
This 1974 Ford Gran Torino is a replica design inspired from the famous Hutch and Starsky TV series car. Though the car itself is totally original not taking in consideration the wheels and color scheme. It is equipped with 302 V8 engine.

The car is in impeccable condition except for a rust hole and a water damaged head liner. In 1976, the high popularity of Starsky and Hutch show inspired Ford to produce on average 1300 replica. The car was equipped with 351 Cleveland motor due to the easy availability of aftermarket camshafts and cylinder heads of HO Ford type.

1974 Ford Gran Torino

1974 Ford Torino Specs:

Year: 1974
Production: Ford
Model: Torino
Miles: 0
Location: Racine, Wisconsin
Category: Cars & Trucks / Ford / Torino


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