How About Some LOUD MUSIC Baby? Here Is The Biggest And CRAZIEST Sound System You’ve Ever Seen In A Car!

You know, there are music freaks around, yeah, real music freaks. They pumped the stereo systems in their cars so they could not last more than few seconds inside.

All they wanna hear is bass, deep bass shaking the windows of the car. We really don’t know is that a real passion for music or just a need for extra attention. They might think that in case the sound system in the club went off they can park the car in the club’s yard and save the party and catch some girls.

But these guys are crazy, believe us. They’ve added massive stereo system that can force the water on the car to “dance”, and I mean literally dance. It might have mighty subwoofers with more than 5000 watts, to wake up the whole neighborhood in just a few seconds.

We were very impressed when we first saw the video, but then, also impressed how these Brazilian guys tricked us. At least the truck was good, VW Amarok.

Tell us in the comments if the stereo system tricked you too.


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