The Coolest BUILT-NOT-BOUGHT Honda Civic In The World! With 135 HP IT LEAVES Bunch Of Porsche 911’S Behind At The Nurburgring Hot Lap!

This is one built and not bought Honda Civic which represents the labor of love and has been handmade and engineered to be as quick, functional and fun as it gets. We’re guessing this Honda Civic might strongly inspire you as well to purchase a project car and turn it into an amazing vehicle! The host of the video from Car Throttle describes this Honda Civic as the most inspiring car he has ever seen. Well, that surely speaks a lot about this project car.

As you can notice right from the thumbnail for our article, this machine is not exactly the best looking Honda Civic out there. Furthermore, it’s also not so terribly fast. So, what is it in this Civic that makes it such an awesome car? The answer to this question is not so simple, but we’ll give it a shot. This Honda Civic is just a cool, relatively fast little ride which can give you tons of fun. The owner George from France also appears like the type of car guy who is not afraid or shy to trash the Civic every chance he gets, which is exactly the whole point behind a car like that. Sometimes, a beater car like this Honda Civic is worth a lot more than the perfect and brand new one.

The Honda was made back in 1976 with a CRX engine capable to deliver a measly 135 hp. The total weight of the car is 650 kg.

But, George decided to take his car to a whole new level and so he modified it using parts of OEM Honda, CRX Disc Brake & Caliper, the gearbox diverted for the CRX. Now this clean mean Honda Civic is tough enough to chop down multiple Porsche 911’S at the Nurburgring Hot Lap!

It’s really nice to see this…Witness the true love for the Civic right here folks. Especially the part where he discusses on the car while he disassembles the bonnet by pulling the duct tape off and just holds it in his hand haha 🙂 LOL

Be sure to check out this extraordinary Honda Civic beast on the video below:


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