Your Chance To Meet THE FASTEST WOMAN In Oklahoma!!! TINA PIERCE Debuts Like A Boss With Her LSX Chevy Colorado At HOT ROD DRAG WEEK!

This twin turbo 2008 Chevy Colorado, is the ride of the fastest woman in Oklahoma. You may have heard about the famous female racer Tina Pierce, and it is well known that whenever she gets out and goes somewhere with her truck, she always manages to draw a crowd.

That is because this woman is spectacular, and so is her ride. Not often do we see a woman rolling in such a fast truck, so modified truck that is, most of them drive the conventional stock heavy trucks, just to show off. But not Tina Pierce, she likes the attention and she likes even more fast trucks. That’s why she modified the Chevy Colorado, which now is much faster than before.

Featuring a twin turbo engine, which will end up in the five day average with 8.72 at 161.73 miles per hour. There is not many trucks with this score, that’s why she is considered to be the fastest woman in Oklahoma.

This very same truck, the 2008 Chevy Colorado twin turbo, took second place in the Pro St Power Adder Classic. So when you see her rolling with her truck, don’t miss the chance to take a picture with it.


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