The Future Has Arrived: Full Electricity Powered – 2015 NanoFlowcell QUANTiNO At Geneva Motor Show 2015!

Here we are in Geneva and we are at the car show that draws too much attention to the public. The newest and most innovative cars are being shown here and we are proud to present you today the 2015 NanoFlowcell Quantino the electric concept car for mass production.

Electric cars are being used more and more today because the oil business is somehow going down and gas is very expensive for the normal consumers. So we are going one step ahead with the Quantino as we are using electricity to power this beauty.

NanoFlowcell Quantino is a sporty and dynamic car and it uses an unusual low voltage drivetrain. It is rated at only 48 volts it has four electric engines each producing 25 kw or total of 136 horsepower. It is a nice combination and it seems to give too much power to the wheels and the top speed of the car is 200 kilometers per hour. It is more than enough for the normal users and it is perfect for city driving.

The rims are with the size of 22 inches and they are standing out and giving a shine to the car and makes it look even more beautiful. The outcome is totally electric power with the capabilities to drive you all day and turn heads on the road as you will glide a perfect car without making any sound at all. See the beautiful NanoFlowcell Quantino on the video bellow.


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