FIND OUT ALL OF ITS SECRETS – The LS V12 Engine That We All LOVE AND NEED TO HEAR – – Walk Around Video!!! in the car industry nowadays, and who doesn’t like being behind the wheel in one V12 powered car.

The best feeling of driving a V12 is the moment when you step on the gas all the way to the floor and feel the engine like it is roaring from the under the hood, grabbing the road through the tires. That is the best feeling that we had with a V12 car, and we believe that the V12 is the best engine used in super cars.

Even though they are not fuel efficient, they are the best in the business. The LS V12 engine has followers and it has people who are against it. There are maybe some flaws seen by the people who doesn’t like it, and these flaws are seen as advantage by the followers. That’s why they don’t want this engine to disappear forever, they need this engine in their lives and in their cars.

On this video we have garage guys who are trying to remake the LS V12 engine from scratch, and as this worker says, this is not the finished product, this is only mock up, but it looks sweet.


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