THE MOST DANGEROUS And Scary Racing Event Of The World: Isle Of Man TT 300+ Km/h Street Race!

Prepare ladies and gentlemen, even you who are the most adrenaline resistant and the coolest ones, this event will not let you undisturbed! Maybe for someone it is the adrenaline paradise but for the ordinary people is damn scary even for watching!

On some fragments on the Isle of Man TT Street Race track the speed of the racing machines goes even over 200mph, average speed of over 100mph, the British island is screaming of the terror unleashed from the racing machines which are pushed to their limits.

Many started the race but each year some did not finish at all, damn, they went directly to the sky. Just watch the video, the speed is insane and the drivers even more, just notice how they shake the ground while they are passing near the camera, yeah you will just silhouettes, they pass to fast.

We were frozen while we watched the video, honestly this is way too dangerous to be our adrenaline amusement! If you suffer from weak heart then do not even try to watch the video else we are not responsible! 🙂


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