The SICKEST 2015 GMC Denali HD Running On 26″ DIMA WHEELS! The Cleanest Dually I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON!!!

Taking the Dima Wheels that has been in the top rank and placing them on the top rank truck should get you on the famous list, together with the 2015 GMC Denali HD that you own. This is such a great combination of a dually truck and large oversized wheels that even a Ford F-350 could envy them. Before we have seen the Forgiato wheels being mounted on dually trucks but the Dima wheels are much better than those. Ten short spokes on the chromed 26 inch Dima wheels is so much better than the stock ones. And with the low profile tires it looks better, than having the high profile, because the clearance doesn’t matter at this point as it is carrying large wheels it is lifted from the ground.

The 2015 GMC Denali has been out for a year now and we have seen all kinds of mods and versions. Maybe the move with the Dima wheels has made this truck better than the rest of the GMC line and of the Dodge and Ford competitors line as well.

Having the 420 HP under the hood this is a powerful truck which can make a great burnout with the rear dually wheels. 6.2 liter V8 engine which can tow from 8100 to 8400 lbs. of weight on its hood. This is great feature because driving such a nice vehicle without a trailer on its hook is just a waste of money. Getting the most of it means that you are going to use this 2015 GMC Denali for any occasion even for transporting goods.

15 miles per gallon in the city driving and up to 22 miles on the highway with open ride. These are great numbers to look at but the wheels made at Dima are so much better for looking.


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