Hear This 1968 DODGE CHARGER ROARING AFTER 25 YEARS! The Sound Of Mopar Never Goes Out Of Style:

It is really amazing when you meet someone so passionate about muscle cars and so dedicated to bring these rare masterpieces back to life, America needs these men and needs to honor them! Especially this guy on the video!

This is YouTube user Charger383Mopar he claims his 1968 Dodge Charger was his father day car and in the last 25 years the car was resting, which is obvious and can be seen from the body condition, but do not worry there is a hope and it can be fully restored with the preserved details on it.

The most important part is the engine, yeah, the 383ci (6.2-liter) 4bbl V8 engine with torque flite transmission which delivers amazing 330HP and 425lb-ft of torque. And don not worry about the horses too, they are all there, because they are immortal and be sure that the engine can release all the 330 horses again.

Just hear the first engine roar after 25 years, that is priceless, moment which is ready to become a history! Play the video bellow and see our 1968 Dodge Charger roaring badly and saying (I am back)!


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