Tips on How to Repair Your Cracked Car Windscreen

As strong as car windows are, the high speeds and momentum gained by automobiles can lead to cracking, or even shattering of the windscreen when it comes into contact with even the tiniest bit of stone. The repair services and attention required by your vehicle, in this case, will depend on a number of factors. These should determine whether windscreen requires repair or even replacement in some instances.

Now, extreme cases, including a windscreen shattering, require replacement and not any other kind of service. Windscreen replacement can be quite expensive. This is why many car owners tend to go for the next best option of repairing the windscreen cracks, chips, stars and also dings.

While repairing your automobile’s windshield is possible, there are certain special cases that demand nothing less than replacement of the windscreen. Some of these special cases include the following:


  • Driver’s side windscreen damage
  • Interior windshield damage- a crack, chip or star from the inside of your car

Windscreen damage that is inaccessible, rather pretty hard to spot

In the cases above, the only option is going to be a windscreen replacement. That is why if you happen to find yourself presented with one of these complications, the best course of action is contacting your nearest windscreen replacement professional. It is then recommended that you have them replace your windscreen as soon as possible.

So, what should you do in case your windshield is damaged?


Carefully assess the damaged part

Whenever your windshield is damaged, the first and most important course of action is performing an in-depth and extensive assessment of the damage. This simply means that you look at the location, depth, and size of the damage. There are certain simple stars and cracks that should be easily repaired. However, other complex damage cannot be repaired and will require replacement.


Proper and careful assessment of the damage on your windscreen by a professional should help you in deciding whether or not it needs replacement. Keep in mind that some special cases will demand a replacement and nothing else.


Ensure that the damaged area stay clean

If you are unlucky enough to have dirt infuse itself in the damaged area, and it turns out to be non-removable, you will have to replace the windscreen. In order to avoid this, the best thing is to cover the area using clear tape. This should allow you to see clearly yet prevent any exterior or foreign elements from getting in contact with the screen.


Reinforce the damaged location’s integrity to prevent further damage

There are different unique DIY windscreen repair approaches depending on the type of damage. However, they all go through the same type of repair process. Here is a general guide on the repair of a windscreen:


Eliminate debris and any other foreign elements from the damaged area

Compressed air is usually used in this case as one has to totally eliminate any glass remains and debris from the break.


Clean the breakage

Use alcohol or any other relevant solution to properly clean off the damaged area.



To distress the damaged area, simply drill through a single glass layer at the crack’s epicentre. This can be done using a diamond-tip drill or any other relevant tool.


Different car window repair kits feature different techniques and approaches. However, the most common among them is the bridge kit. To bond the windscreen, simply follow all the instructions featured in the kit to the letter.



This is enough information to help you repair simple windscreen damage. However, keep in mind that in many instances a full windscreen replacement is the best and most recommended course of action. However, windscreen repair is good enough in some cases.


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