Top 10 CLASSIC CARS That Draw All The Attention At Every Car Show In The Past! PICK YOUR FAVORITE!

Once cars were not just a convenient transport means, but they also represented a symbol of chivalry between their owners. People used to flaunt their cars and spend money on them in order to maintain a status in the society. Back then, cars had elegance and class. This is why in this article we have for you a list of top 10 classic cars that were the ultimate headturners at car shows back in the old days.

1908 Ford Model T

The 1908 Ford Model T is one of the lovely classic cars that made a permanent change in the car industry. It first the first assembly line produced the car which was affordable. It had a 2.9 litre four cylinder engine and produced 20 horsepower. It had the top speed of 45mph.

1908 Ford Model T front side three quarters

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