Top Mods for the MUSTANG GT MK6

Are you on the hunt for the best mods for your Mustang GT MK6, in terms of looks and performance? Read on to learn more!

Not only is the Ford Mustang GT MK6 a hugely captivating muscle car available on the market today, it also happens to be ranked amongst the best of the best when it comes to thrills and enjoyment, compared to other cars in its segment. Despite already being an incredible piece of machinery, there is still room to improve.

Before you go ahead and modify your Mustang GT MK6, it’s best to think about what your goals are with the modification process, as well as your budget. On the whole, most Mustang GT MK6 owners tend to fall into one of two main categories: those who wish to keep their car for street purposes, and those who are wanting to get involved with the track/racing scene.

For drivers who form part of the first category, the Mustang GT MK6’s 460-horsepower V8 engine and acceleration capability of 0-100 kilometres per hour in 4.3 seconds or under is perfectly adequate for a street car. Such drivers are likely to want to improve the performance of their car somewhat, in addition to its sound and appearance.

Drivers who are track- or race-focused however, tend to push the performance limits of their Mustang GT MK6 and go all out when it comes to modifying their vehicle.

Despite which category you may fall into, let’s take a look at some of the top modifications available today for the Mustang GT MK6:


Wheel and Tyre Setup

Not only will upgrading the setup of your wheels and tyres improve your car’s performance, it will also make it stand out from the crowd. 18-inch alloy wheels alongside P235/50WR18 tyres are features of the base Mustang GT/GT Premium MK6 models. If you happen to have the Performance Package, your car shall include 19-inch alloy wheels with 255/40R19 tyres in the front and 275/40R19 tyres in the rear.

Although both options are relatively good, a number of Mustang GT MK6 owners uphold that the stock tyres included lack grip. It is therefore best to invest in a set of stickier tyres, as well as lighter and wider wheels (for better handling).


Lowering Springs

Immediately after installing lowering springs on your Mustang GT MK6, you will experience improved handling. This is due not only to higher spring rates, but also a lower centre of gravity. When hunting down lowering springs for your car, keep your end-goal in sight, as there are many different options available.

There are lowering springs for maximum lowering of the car’s ride height (e.g. in the case of show cars), those that offer a balance between lower height and better handling, as well as drag springs. When it comes to aesthetics, the unappealing stock wheel gap can be eliminated through the installation of lowering springs, making your Mustang GT MK6 much more appealing on the eye.


Exhaust System

An exhaust system modification should definitely be on your list of mods to consider for your Mustang GT MK6. Not only does an aftermarket exhaust system improve fuel efficiency and engine output, it also enables the engine to breathe more easily, as well as delivers a more aggressive exhaust note.

With a large number of exhaust mods available out there, keep your budget in mind before making the right purchase for you. A resonator delete x-pipe is suitable for a lower budget (though you’ll have to remove the stock resonator prior to installing the x-pipe). If you have a bit more cash to spend, consider installing new a cat-back exhaust system, which increases horsepower and delivers a deeper, richer exhaust note.


A Tune and a Cold Air Intake

Even if you intend to keep your Mustang GT MK6 for street car purposes, consider an ECU remap. The Mustang GT MK6 is said to respond well even to minimal tuning and doing so can make it even more enjoyable to drive. You have the option to do it yourself through the use of a handheld tuning device or taking it to a qualified professional tuner (a good choice where you are after a custom tune).

Alongside tuning the ECU, you should also contemplate the addition of a cold air intake, which can deliver increased power and torque (due to more air forced into the engine’s fuel combustion mixture). This way, you can guarantee improved fuel efficiency as well as quicker acceleration.


Ceramic Coating and Window Tinting

Your car looks awesome after a professional clean and wax, right? Imagine how good it will look with tinted windows and a ceramic coating (a clear coat, including a liquid polymer). A ceramic coating creates a brilliant finish thanks to bonding between the liquid polymer and your car’s paint and amazingly, can last the lifetime of your car! The only method of removal is abrasion. In addition to ceramic coating, you might like to consider getting your windows tinted, to achieve a really sleek look.


A Body Kit

The right body kit can take a Mustang GT MK6 to the next level. For example, the Maxton Design Ford Mustang GT MK6 body kit is a top choice, thanks to the way it complements the car’s sporty and aggressive demeanour.

As the Mustang GT MK6 is already an incredible-looking car straight from the factory, the ideal body kit should enhance its existing aesthetics, rather than giving it a whole different look. The Maxton Design Ford Mustang GT KM6 body kit includes a front splitter, rear side splitters, side skirts as well as a spoiler cap, and is manufactured utilising a high-gloss ABS resin.


A Supercharger

A supercharger should make your list of mods to consider where you are intending to race your Mustang GT MK6 or where you are serious about upping your engine’s output. A supercharger has the ability to increase the output of your engine by a whopping 200 horsepower.

Before heading in this direction, be sure to prepare your car to be able to handle such large increases to power and torque. Stickier tyres, wider wheels, a stronger driveshaft, a more aggressive suspension system setup and a relevant engine tune are examples of mods you must make when it comes to supercharging your car.

Whatever your personal taste and preferences, there are bound to be a number of awesome modifications available to fit your dream Mustang GT MK6.



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