How To Transport Large Amounts of Material for Your Next Home Project

If you have made the decision to handle your next home renovation project on your own, you are to be commended. Regardless of your motivation for doing so, it’s never easy to take on such an endeavor. Before you get started on your project, you would be well-served to plan out the entire process. This will give you a reasonable idea of what resources you will need to get you from start to finish.

In all likelihood, your project is going to require you to move large amounts of materials and supplies from one place to the next. Given this endeavor could put a horrible physical and time strain on your human resources, you’ll want to find ways to move your material and supplies as fast and easy as possible.

The following information is being offered to help you identify a great way to move what you have to move to complete your project in a timely manner.

Why Doing Your Own Home Renovation Process Makes Sense


To confirm what you might already realize, you can secure great benefits by you taking on a home renovation project on your own.

Obviously, you’ll be saving on labor costs, which many times will represent as much as 50% of what a subcontractor will charge you. You’ll also get the opportunity to increase the value of your property. Finally, you’ll get a great sense of accomplishment when the project has been completed.

Handling Materials and Supplies

No matter what kind of a home renovation project you are about to start, you are going to need materials and supplies. The question is, “how do you transport large amounts of materials and supplies efficiently and within budget.”

Assuming you are about to take on a major landscaping or building project, you are going to need more than your trunk or a friend’s pickup truck to move materials and supplies. Your first instinct might be to have the materials and supplies delivered to a predetermined location. Unfortunately, that’s expensive and often presents logistical issues like scheduling time for delivery and figuring out where to drop loads. What if you could handle all of this on your own?


Walking Floor Trailers

There are all kinds of vehicles available to transport things. You can rent anything from a small trailer to a large moving van. Some of the smaller options are available for purchase. However, none of the normal options will typically work if you are moving materials like lumber, cement, rocks, dirt, stone, gravel or mulch. What you need is a vehicle that will allow you to load, transport and unload materials as easily and efficiently as possible.

Have you ever heard of a walking floor trailer? A walking floor trailer is a vehicle specifically designed to transport a large amount of the aforementioned materials. Below will be a description of how this type of trailer functions. After reading this information, you’ll likely realize how much time and effort such a trailer would save you. If you plan on getting involved is future home projects as well, you might want to consider buying such a trailer for your own personal use.


How Walking Floor Trailers Function

When you pull your trailer up to the material supply facility, they’ll have machinery and equipment they can use to load your trailer up with materials such as soil, gravel or mulch. Once you arrive back at home, you face the challenge of getting the stuff off your trailer without breaking your back moving shovel loads of material. There’s no need to worry.

The secret is in the floor. Using hydraulics, the floor actually shifts back and forth from the cab area to the back of the trailer. The shifting motion is strong enough to actually moves large amounts of materials out the door of the trailer. All you would have to do is locate the trailer where you want to make dumps and set the hydraulics in motion. As materials pile up outside, you would simply keep moving the trailer forward until the dumping process is complete. After you clean out the trailer, you can park it until it’s time for the next project.

Whether you are doing home projects or running your own subcontracting business, you can save a lot of time and money by purchasing your own walking floor trailer. The time and money you save will afford you the opportunity to do more projects in the future.



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