This Is How Transportation Companies Attract and Recruit Truckers at Greatly Reduced Cost

Ever wondered how can some companies hire CDL drivers with ease, while others are struggling with attracting experienced truckers?

Let’s face it -- while sites like and Glassdoor are great for some job postings within industries, the truth is they don’t do much for transportation companies owners.

Posting in Facebook groups such as “CDL Jobs Near You” or “CDL Drivers Recruiting” and similar ones used to work like a charm 3 years ago, but nowadays those doesn’t seem to help with recruiting so much like back in the days.

Lucky are the owners of transportation companies who first discovered the new methods that work extremely well at a small cost to reach tens of thousands of experienced CDL drivers.

These are the companies that are utilizing the best money-saving methods to attract and hire experienced drivers:
(read until the end to discover how you can hire experienced truckers at the lowest costs)

Road Legends (MMJ Transportation)

MMJ Transportation (now rebranded to Road Legends) was among the first companies that successfully hired over 60 CDL flatbed drivers in only 3 months. In the videos below, you can see how they are using YouTube and Facebook as the platforms to promote their Lease-purchase programs.

YouTube Promotional Video with MMJ’s Job Posting


Facebook Promotional Video with MMJ’s Job Posting:

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IDS Express

With a total of 47,000 views on both videos below (98% of the views are from CDL drivers), can you guess how many applications IDS Express received during their campaign?

Whooping 167 applications in only two months!


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IDS Express reported over 25 successful hirings in only 60 days -- all handpicked drivers that match the necessary requirements.


Caregan Transport

What if your job posting gets seen from over 150,000 CDL drivers? Caregan Transport used the same methods to hire over 60 OTR drivers.


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The SECRET Behind Successful CDL Hiring:

There’s more to this hiring method, besides the videos. The secret sauce is super-targeted Facebook and YouTube ads.

To put it as simple as possible all you need to hire experienced CDL drivers is:

  1. Videos like the ones above -- where you explain the position, benefits, requirements and of course -- the pay-rate.
  2. Ads using the same videos to promote your job posting to CDL drivers ONLY
  3. A recruiter who will go over the hundreds of applications every day and pick the best drivers


Take a look behind the work done for Caregan Transport and how in 2 WEEKS they received OVER 40 JOB APPLICATIONS on Facebook (not counting emails, phone calls and online applications on

Also, take a look at this case study -- How MMJ Transportation (Road Legends) were able to hire over 50 CDL FLATBED drivers in less than 3 months:


Do You Need to Find and Hire Experienced CDL Drivers?

Transportation Code is the company that revolutionized the modern way of attracting and recruiting CDL drivers. No matter if you need Dry Van, Flatbed or Reefer drivers, local or nation-wide, class A or B, drivers with hazmat endorsement or car haulers — The Transportation Code got your back!

All you need is to give Mirko (the owner of a call at (646) 652-6350 and have a recruiter ready to review the tons of applications you will receive!

Prefer mail communication? 

You can contact Mirko at [email protected]

The Sweet By-product!

On average, around 130 CDL drivers will like and follow your commercial Facebook Page each month during the collaboration with Transportation Code.

That doesn’t mean that all of them will apply instantly, but in the future, whenever you have a driver position available, you can post that on your page and many experienced CDL drivers will be able to see the posting — for FREE!

Sweet, right?

No Facebook Page? No problem!

The guys from Transportation Code will create a fantastic page for you, alongside professional profile and cover images — all for FREE!

Visit Transportation Code, give Mirko a call and handpick the most experienced and hard-working truckers in the US to work for your company!

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