Truck Bursts A TIRE And Loses Control Resulting In A SCARY OVERTURN ACCIDENT! Luckily No One Was Hurt!!!

Making the truck overturn is a rookie’s mistake. It cannot be done the other way, just the newbies are going to turn the truck so much that it is going to turn over on the asphalt. This is a great example of this and thanks to the dashboard camera we get to see this moment which happened on a bridge. There was a nice drive for this family that has the camera on the dashboard and when they thought that they will reach their destination without some trouble, they were so wrong. From the other side of the bridge there was a truck with a trailer coming and he had to hint the trouble.

There was a tire burst on the truck before it got the overturn. Maybe the driver got scared from the explosion because after all the truck is loaded and there is too much pressure in those tires. Or maybe from all the weight the truck went on the side and the driver just tried to straighten it up. But no success and he did the overturn like a rookie. Then the truck went on the side of the bridge, into the fence. Now here another overturning happens and it goes full grip on the other side. Now all the weight of the cargo load is going to push and the truck got flipped over. This is the biggest mistake that a truck driver can do.

Now there is too much damage done on the truck and on the trailer itself. We don’t want to talk about the damage on the cargo that has been done too. Now the road has been blocked and it will be some time when they get the truck upright and ready for towing. Quite the day for the happy family after this accident.


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