TURBO HONDA CRX VS Them ALL On The Arizona Streets! The Poor C6 Corvette, Charger Hellcat, And Bikes WEREN’T READY FOR THIS!!!

This turbocharged Honda surprised them all, the other drivers didn’t know what to do and how to beat this small Honda.

In the past, the Honda cars were trash talked as hell, and people thought that the tracks are no more place for the Honda. But this proud owner thought that his car isn’t ready for the junk yard yet, and he decided to make it a race car, and he managed to do it.

If you fit a turbo charger on this small Honda engine, then it becomes the ultimate race monster, than everybody will be scared of. There is T3 turbo mounted on the engine, and the sound that is coming from it now is just satisfying.

The hood of the car was removed with an intention, so that all the drivers can see what this small Honda packs, to be aware of it. The interior of the car has been modified as well, and we don’t believe that there is another Honda that looks like this one.

Just next to the shifter, there are many gadgets that measure the readings of the engine and the car, it is like a race car that is street legal.


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