Turbocharged Audi VS LSx Volvos – The Boys In Sweden KNOW HOW TO GET IT DONE! This Caliber Of Street Racing Is PURE INSANITY, And We Can’t Get Enough!

Street racing is what we are talking about right here. There is nothing much more exciting and breathtaking as battling on the streets. That is a rule that every car drive knows. There is also another golden rule, not always the fastest car wins the fight, but the driver who is actually driving it. For winning you will need more than skill, you also need experience. This video is about a small tire street race between a turbocharged Audi with awesome power from around 1000 horsepower which is ready to take on everybody.

This racing is held in Sweden and it is big challenge for the drivers. However as we see the Audi is dominating. It is such a monster in the streets!
We love the looks that it has and the sound that it makes. All in all we are just sad that we weren’t there, because it would be some story to tell.

The other beast on this video is LSx Volvo who is also battling a lot. This car is pretty good too, with some good quality and gear, but we are bigger fans of the Audi. We are just astonished how there aren’t any penalties and tickets for this kind of races. In the country from where we come from, we would get big price tickets and maybe we would get our driving license banned. It is shame. We guess that Sweden is a country made for us. Who do you cheer for in this video? What made you like it or dislike it? Do you think that you could handle the 1000 HP Audi ? Watch this video and answer us these questions, let us know what you think. We hope that you are going to like it and enjoy it!


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