Snow Run With Wind River 4×4 Club In Wind River Mountains In Wyoming: Two Hummer H3s & 3 Jeeps Are HAVING THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES!!!

Great way to see which SUV is better on the snow. Here on this video we have some rich guys that only want to see which SUV will behave better on the snow and ice.

We have two Hummers on the road, and a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Now the Jeep Rubicon is much lighter than the Hummers, and we cannot say that the Rubicon is going to win the try outs, but for sure this SUV will try to do its best on the snow.

These guys want fun, most of all, and as the host of the video says, they are going to play in the snow with their big toys in their hands. Heading to a hill where there is no population, and thankfully there is untouched snow, so that the fun will be even bigger.

Before the fun part starts, the drivers are lowering the pressure in the tires, so that they will get better grip on the snow, and they will not slide easily. After few runs, it seems like there is no hope for the 4×4 wheel drive on the snow, because the tires are only spinning in one spot, without moving the Jeep at all.


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