THIS IS JUST INCREDIBLE Beyond Imagination: U.S Army Hummer Dodges A MASSIVE UNDERGROUND EXPLOSION Without Any Damage At All!!!

The US Army Hummers or also known as High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles have been around since 1984 till this day. We have all seen them before, we know how they look like and what they are used for, but have you ever seen one dodge a massive underground explosion?

In this video you can see two Army Hummer vehicles, one driving behind the other, which is also filming this clip. They are driving peacefully when suddenly a massive explosion happens in the middle of the road, right in between the two vehicles.

We’re talking about an underground explosion that fortunately did not hurt anyone. Despite that, the video is very cool to watch because you can clearly see the explosion happening and how the US Army Hummer dodges it perfectly. The passengers are shocked and surprised but also very lucky to avoid the huge blast.

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