URBAN ASSAULT: San Diego Shark Attack! When It Comes To GOING WILD And Drawing Attention, This VW Beetle MOST DEFINITELY Has All That It Takes!

This VW Beetle looks like a tuned up Beetle that is looking for some trouble along the road. The VW Beetle has been under some modification in the garage and now when it is out, it wants to make some stunts on the city streets of San Diego, and it is called the Shark Attack. It is great to see one VW Beetle all muscled up, it has been a long time since we had seen one of these hit the streets, and now when it’s out, we are wondering if we want it there. This amazing video was filmed by the YouTube channel Perplexed Media.

It may cause some serious problems in the traffic, because the driver is so mad that he thinks the streets have obstacles and he needs to pass through them all. The beetle has been lifted quite a lot from the ground with the new suspension that is mounted on it, now packing large wheels and tires for better grip and stability. The engine is one turbo charged machine that is sticking out of the Beetle’s chassis, don’t get us wrong, it looks and sounds amazing too. Revving this engine is the best feeling that you when watching this video.


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