Use This Quick Tip To UNFREEZE A FROZEN CAR LOCK! Did Cold Weather Ever Freeze The Lock On Your Car Or Truck?

How many times have we found out in the worst time that the frozen car lock has happened to us? And we are facing such a serious problem because we are going to be late for work and then have problems with the boss too. He doesn’t want to hear about the lock that got frozen, he just cares about the job get done thing. That’s why we need to make the fix quick and painless, allowing us to get on our way as soon as possible without losing the valuable time.

That’s why we are going to reveal a big fix for the frozen car lock problem in the winter. This way you are going to be able to get the car door unlocked and get to work on time, letting you to laugh at the other colleagues that don’t know the fast way of fixing it.

Let’s think about this in different way than running to the bathroom and getting the hot water to unfreeze the frozen car lock. What is the thing that you always carry with you in the winter so that it is going to protect you against the bacteria that is spreading? It is the hand sanitizer bottle. Well the solution was worth a dollar but for the ones that know it. This is one smart woman registered on YouTube as AlaskaGranny that has made this discovery that is going to serve us for the rest of our lives.

Just make sure that there is alcohol contained in the hand sanitizer that you are using every day. It is clearly written on the bottle if it contains it or not. If you have the alcohol sanitizer than you have the solution for the frozen car lock and you will never go inside for the hot bucket of water again.


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