V-CHARGE IS THE FUTURE OF PARKING! IMPRESSIVE Intelligent System from Volkswagen! WOW!

The German giant in the automobile industry introduced their work on the project V-Charge, which actually is successful combination of the technology of the parking autonomy and the system for charging the electric vehicles.

The V-Charge system allows the driver to drive to the main entrance, let’s say in a shopping mall, and from that place he will be able to leave the vehicles without any parking concerns. After that through a smartphone the self-parking system can be activated. With this activation to the car is sent a digital map which will help the car to easily find the free parking place and drive itself to there.

Furthermore, the V-Charge system will narrow the car to the electric charge place to recharge the battery. After the battery is 100% full the system will give new coordinates to the car and send it to an ordinary free parking place.

When the driver finished his shopping, he can just call the vehicle through the smartphone to the place where they separated. The car will come by itself and will be ready for new driving experience.

Play the video bellow in order to see Volkswagen’s vision about the self-parking.


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