Volkswagen Golf Mk2 By Boba Motoring With AMAZING 1233 HP Accelerates 0-250 In Just 8 Seconds! YOU WON’T BELIEVE The Sound Of This Tuned Beast!

The Volkswagen Golf Mk2 is one legendary car that hasn’t been forgotten by anybody. We all remember how it was when it first hit the production and everybody wanted to buy one for themselves. Now after so many years that rush is still in the minds of a lot of people. They start to make these Golf cars so powerful and customized as they have revived the spirit of the car. Nobody will give up on a Volkswagen Golf Mk2 since they have owned it and nobody is selling these cars. They are well known in the world as one of the toughest cars ever made because no Golf Mk2 has been on the side of the road waiting for help.

Also these cars were so good when transporting things with them. You could load so much inside the car and then on top of it some more and the engine will run like the car is completely empty. That was raw power under the hood and now with a little bit of refreshment this engine is roaring like new again. And it has some serious added power to it with the customized parts that are mounted.

Here we have a video of the highly customized Volkswagen Golf Mk2 by Boba Motoring which is able to reach the 250 km/h mark in just 8 seconds. With some better shifting the driver could do it in six or seven, but this achievement is so great too as we have never seen before such powerful Golf Mk2. The needle of the RPM meter is just a little bit when the driver shifts the gear but the other one where the speed is measured just jumped to the 200 km/h and it kept going strong until there was no road left for it.


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