Volkswagen V6 Powers Up THE WORLD’S FASTEST SHED?! GARDENER Kevin Nicks Has Taken British Eccentricity TO A NEW LEVEL!!!

What, what? Wait a minute, fastest shed? We didn’t know that thing can even move and all of a sudden it enters big as world’s fastest shed powered by Volkswagen V6 engine! Unbelievable, 2.8-liter V6 engine moving huge wooden structure with lack of aerodynamics while reaching 88mph!

It is ugly as hell, we must admit that but an ultimate proof that human creativity knows no boundaries and if there’s a strong will and desire everything can be built! Just look at this crazy ride which is street legal! Full living space, instead of trailer why not transforming your Volkswagen Passat into a living room? But that’s not all, that living room will move and sound amazingly from the 2.8-liter V6 stereo installed on the front with 200BHP power!

This is what makes us happy, a Volkswagen V6 engine inside, hidden under that wooden structure and a fastest moving shred. There is no way that you won’t turn heads around if you own this ridiculous ride. And you will be happy most of the time because people will smile when they see you and share positive vibes.

It would be a tempting task but if you achieve that you’ll beat this guy record and write your name in the Guinness World book of records as the fastest shed driver.

So, these is the recipe: You need strong desire and to be crazy enough to transform your old Volkswagen V6 Passat into something like this. Of course besides mechanical skills you’ll need to be good with the wood in order to achieve some aesthetic look.

All you need to do is to watch the video and see how this thing is moving and if you like it park your old Passat in the backyard and start the transformation just make it spacious inside and try to improve the aerodynamics.

Enjoy the video.


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