VR38 Engine Drives This INSANE Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R “ERUBISU”! Getting The 4WD To Work And Some WILD DYNO LAUNCHES!!!

Today we are bringing you one very special Nissan R34 Skyline powered by a VR38 engine. The team behind this project was gathering the needed parts to improve the performance of the car and put the 4wd in working condition. Ultimately they were preparing the GTR beast for the Dyno track and next they will set it free on the wild roads.

For some time the team was gathering new parts like oil cooler for the gearbox, new improved drive shafts on the front and few other performance parts which will add more power to the car. The good thing here is that the whole process is caught on the video so you will see how each part is taking place on the Nissan Skyline R34.

The biggest challenge of the team was to revive the 4wd to perfect state. After the new front drive shafts took place and the transmission cooler was hooked up with the gearbox the moment of true arrived. They lifted the car and started the engine, while one member of the team was inside to shift gears. While lifting the Nissan R34 Skyline “Erubiso” with the new drive shafts spin all of the four wheels.

The next challenge was to test it on the road. In our opinion the 4wd system was working smoothly and nice but the team decided to test it on a precision Dyno track to see if there are any speed differences between the wheels. Appeared that the team was right because on the Dyno were measured 2km/h difference in the speed. They also needed to fix the boost and few other things which took him only an hour.

After that, the final result of this VR38 powered Nissan R34 Skyline was 620 all wheel horsepower! Sounds like a tempting number, doesn’t it? Take a look on the video below and tell us what do you think.


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