World’s Largest MIG 25 RC Model Skillfully Test-Flown By 18-Year-Old Clinton On The 2011 ANZAC Jet Rally In Tokoroa, New Zealand!!!

Making a scaled airplane out of the MIG 25 is a great idea, but somebody beat us to it. Here we have the world largest RC that has been made out of the MIG series and it is about to get a test flight. Making this kind of a scaled model and at this size is a great challenge to take and also a great hobby to have.

Our RC MIG 25 is 42 kg in total weight which is not much for such a big airplane and it sounds like the real one too. Great make from the builder and the flight goes well too. The jet engine is working great and the jet sound that is coming from it is so sweet too.

Being behind the controls of such a large RC plane is not an easy task and because it is so fast you cannot lose an eye contact with it or it will be gone. Going high speed is not a problem for this plane as the engine is so powerful and it has powerful thrust too. All works well but as we can see on video there was a small engine failure before and it is available at the end of the video.

You can hardly tell the difference when the plane is up in the air. Recognizing the actual MIG 25 from this scaled model is very hard and it looks so cool while flying. This 18 year old was responsible for the build although he had great help from other people too, he is the mastermind behind the largest RC model plane in the world.

If you decide to make one like this model make sure that you have enough knowledge about jet engines and about RC electronics too as higher level will be required to finish this project right.


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