YoParts Honda Integra BREAKS Halfway Down The Track…THIS IS JUST UNIMAGINABLY CRAZY! There’s A HUGE Difference Between 3rd And 1st Gear!

Hey guys, did you had a rough day? No worries, we’ve got just the right thing to cheer you up. What we’ve got here is a FWD fail on the drag strip that is so epic that you’ll definitely need to watch it again. This Honda Integra, which seems pretty serious to win the day, leaves the event in a total embarrassment. A backwards wheel stand is not an easy task even for experienced drivers, but this particular racer managed to pull off an extremely rare move ever seen in drag racing history!

The guy in the Integra launches his baby quite good, shifts it into the second gear, and at this point the Integra looks as if it’s going to do a clean and quick pass. And that’s the moment when disaster happens…he shifts it into the wrong gear! When the man behind the wheel of this tuned Honda Integra went to shift into the third gear, he unintentionally pushed the gear shifter little too far to the left, which resulted in a rather painful shift from second to first gear.

So when someone misses a shift and sends his car engine to an astronomical amount of RPM could prove to be quite a painful experience. However, even worse things happen when the driver accidentally shifts into the wrong, lower gear!

Check out the whole action in this video below as the Integra doesn’t have the strength enough to handle the revs and pulls an endo, almost flipping over! We are pretty much convinced that he won’t be doing this again in his life. Maybe this is a sign for him from the racing Gods that it is finally time to upgrade an automatic transmission.

Some people even make jokes that doing a headstand like this is the only possible way for a Honda Integra to do a headstand. Other viewers heart-touched by this event expressed their sincere concerns for the damage on the car, saying that this is only an Integra, and would probably take $10 to fix. How touching!


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