You Will Never Guess What This 2WD & 4WD MINI-BEEP (Jeep) AMPHIBIOUS Off Road Truck Is Made Of!!!

How about building your own off-road vehicle made by your own two hands? Breathe life inside the vehicle which will carry your spirit with dignity and pride. Now this is possible with the MINI-BEEP off road vehicle. This is actually a 4/5 scale version of a World War II Jeep, powerful enough to pull trailers, off-road driving, bulldozing sand and much more. Besides, it’s also AMPHIBIOUS too!

If you’re a do-it-yourself lover, then this is the perfect project of your dreams. Not only the vehicle, but also the hours spent on building it are a reward unto itself. Also, you can engage your kids or grandkids too, teach them some useful skills and spent a great quality time learning creative things.

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