You Will Never Guess What This 2WD & 4WD MINI-BEEP (Jeep) AMPHIBIOUS Off Road Truck Is Made Of!!!

How about building your own off road vehicle made by your own two hands? Breathe life inside the vehicle which will carry your spirit with dignity and pride. Now this is possible with the MINI-BEEP off road vehicle. This is actually a 4/5 scale version of a World War II Jeep, powerful enough to pull trailers, off-road driving, bulldozing sand and much more. Besides, it’s also AMPHIBIOUS too!

If you’re a do-it-yourself lover, then this is the perfect project of your dreams. Not only the vehicle, but also the hours spent on building it are a reward unto itself. Also, you can engage your kids or grandkids too, teach them some useful skills and spent a great quality time learning creative things.

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