Drifting as a specific motorsport industry

Drift or drifting is a specific motorsport industry, which uses controlled oversteer skid. It is one of the youngest disciplines of motorsport. It is actually a driving technique in which the car is intentionally put into oversteer skid, which results in loss of traction rear-or all-wheel drive, and the oversteer skid is maintained from beginning to end corners. Continue reading about the different championships at the end of this article…
In most cases, the use of such importation is not the fastest way to cornering, but very impressive and spectacular, so the competition for this type of motorsport attracts a large number of spectators. Competitions should be conducted on the pavement or on the ice, at a certain track with lots of turns.

As a professional motorsport discipline, Drifting competitions are held around the world and riding skills are evaluated according to several criteria, such as speed of approach, the drift speed of the car, the angle of deflection, stability in linking individual drift distance from the front of the vehicle checkpoints inside the corners and also is scored the amount of smoke from the rear tires. The competition format of drifting originated in Japan as local D1 Grand Prix series is still the most prestigious in the world.

D1 Grand Prix

The D1 Grand Prix Championship is a drifting originated in Japan and then spread to other countries. Drivers compete skidding their cars and are rated by judges by style skid, taking elements such as speed, yaw angle and distance to the edges of the track. This competition takes place in Japan since 2001 and promptly in Britain, Malaysia and New Zealand in 2006. Races are held on road courses and each date includes qualifying races solitary and in pairs...CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE…


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