8 Great Fighting Vehicles that Has Served the US Military from WWI until Present Time!

M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck


The M151 “MUTT” draws inspiration from the M38 and M38A1 used during the Korean War. This is definitely a giant leap forward in the design industry. Initially, the M151 was Ford Motor Company`s project, but then Kaiser Jeep took over the responsibility and AM General gave it a last touch. The M151 functions just as the M38A1. It was a symbol between the evolution from 1950 until 1960.The M38A1’s body-on-frame design was replaced with a monocoque featuring frame rails into the sheet metal body. This freed a greater space, and the center of gravity was lowered. All in all, it weighed just 2, 400 pounds. M38A1’s live axles were additional feature. The M151`s usage was initiated in 1960, and it was ended somewhere around 1982, a period when the AM General HMMWV showed up...Go to the next page below to READ MORE…!


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