Smoking Hot Bandit Trans Am Edition 1 Of 77 Introduced And Signed By THE BANDIT HIMSELF Burt Reynolds. This Is 100% AMERICANA!!! :)

Burt Reynolds is going to approve your purchase on the new Bandit Trans Am, because he is the man for the job. Even though the Pontiac is not around anymore you can still go and buy a new trans am that is going to take you back in time with its spirit and take you in the future too with its capabilities and features. The car that you are going to buy is going to be brand new and also approved by the bandit itself the one and only Burt Reynolds. That’s why it is essential that you hurry up and make your order on the black with gold stripes Pontiac Trans Am before somebody else takes your spot and makes you wait another year for the vehicle.

Smokey and the Bandit movie has left such an inspiring story behind it and still today the movie is being watched and the car has been remembered as well. That’s why many people are trying to get their hands on one of them and now is the chance to do that.

The car is named Trans Am SE Bandit Edition and the bad news is that there will be only 77 examples made of the car. Well it could not be all good, that’s why the factory wanted to make things interesting for the buyers. There will be a race to the counter but it will be all worth it after feeling the power out of the engine.

The Bandit Trans Am is going to be a car that will have the ultimate performance stickers’ whistles and bells on it, ensuring you that maximum power will be delivered to the wheels of the car whenever you need them. Maybe one of the 77 pieces of the Trans Am SE Bandit Edition will be yours.


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