Corvette Sets UNBEATABLE WORLD Record 3.97 @194mph ON Drag Radials!!! Witness This Mind-Blowing Event!

Have you ever wondered who is writing the history? We think that the winners are writing and our opinion is supported by this mighty beast of car, the ultimate drag racing Corvette! She is something and you will agree with us soon.

Imagine accelerating instantly, from 0 to 200mph in just 4 seconds, OMG, it sounds crazy even in the imaginary world but what if this is reality? Yeah, accelerating from 0 to 194 mph in less than 4 seconds and this Corvette owns that unthinkable power and performs that!

What you are going to witness became history instantly, we think that in the next few decades no one can accomplish this result, 1/8 mile in time that will blow your mind. This is the ultimate Racing Blown Hemi Chevrolet Corvette, pure American blood in his fuel system. You will witness the epic event and were glad that we have the opportunity to serve to you.

Jason MIchalak is one proud owner and he will the heat the adrenaline in his ultimate race monster and we bet that the gearheads will stay still! Don’t be afraid to comment bellow, we would love to hear your opinion.


8 thoughts on “Corvette Sets UNBEATABLE WORLD Record 3.97 @194mph ON Drag Radials!!! Witness This Mind-Blowing Event!

  1. William

    Yep… No surprise it has a HEMI. Only motor capable of doing that lol

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Haha, yeah. Nothing can beat a Hemi. That’s for sure 😉

      1. billy

        The hemi was made by gm if im not mistaken.

  2. Jason

    Who cares its 1/8th mile yes fast but finish the race

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Jason maybe in the near future we will see more of this blown Corvette. I would love to see it on the 1/4 mile. How about you?

  3. Ben

    It takes me about four seconds to shift from first gear into second when I push a little, so WOW!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      That is awesome Ben. Glad you’re amazed by this Corvette.

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