Crazy Tow Truck DESTROYED A NEW CAR Towing It From A Pothole On The Streets: Just When You Think It Can’t Get Any Worse…THIS HAPPENS!!!

There has been an accident claim filed after this unfortunate driver of the tow truck destroyed nearly new car. There has been an accident on the road and the tow truck needed to pull back the car but the weirdest thing happened. We bet that the owner of the car didn’t think about how his day might end, with a wrecked car and having to call a cab to take him home. There is a large hole in the road after some road work has been done by the local workers and it seems like the driver didn’t even notice it. He managed to drown the car there and he left it hanging in the middle.

This is where the tow truck is coming to the rescue and two hours later an accident claim gets filed. That’s why only the trained workers should handle a tow truck, so that accidents like these never happen to the company. The workers tied the Fiat Brava with a rope but they didn’t tie it in the correct place. They placed the end of the towing tape at the rear axle of the car instead of the factory made hook for towing.

After everything was tied up wrong the tow truck is next to action. The driver is going to pull the car out of the road hole and take it to safe place. But not everything goes as planned and they never thought about this happening.

When the tow truck pulled in reverse the car at first started backing up too. But after the first try he tried again and this is how the accident happened. The rear axle was torn apart from the car together with the trunk, leaving half car still in the hole and half of it outside on safe. What a bad day.


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