This girl is amazing. There is no other word that will describe her better. You can call her skilled, you can call her professional rider or biker but amazing is the most correct. She is riding her bike like no other biker and the interesting thing is that she is a girl. You have never seen a girl like this before. She has the strength to keep the bike on the rear tire for a lome is Sarah Lezito and she comes fromΒ France.

You would expect that a girl from France would be a calm, romantic girl but she claims that she has fallen in love with motorbikes since she was a child and now she cannot live without her bike. To find out more about her or watch more videos check out her website.

She uses bikes from different manufacturers but she says that it doesn’t matter who makes the bike but who rides it. And she is right. She drives her bikes in any position possible, standing up on two hands on the gas tank or sitting in the opposite direction. No problem for this girl she is doing any stunt possible. Check out the video bellow.


33 thoughts on “SHE HAS NO HEART and SOUL!!! FEARLESS Sarah Lezito Is Definitely The BEST STUNT RIDER I HAVE SEEN!

  1. mike

    Best chick rider….not best stuntnrider. No better than Chis “Teach” McNeil. …or Bob “beaver” Lalivre (Not positive on his last name spelling). But not to take anything away from her….she is def legit.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Oh yeah Mike. This girl is the bomb. Amazing skills. Kudos to her!

  2. Isa

    Bravo la frenchie girl!! Incroyable performance !

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I agree Isa, she’s definitely a bomb!

  3. 666 Diablo

    Great girl, great video, totally unsuitable gay music πŸ˜€

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Maybe they should have used some heavy rock πŸ˜€

    2. Tom

      I totally disagree! The music is perfect!

      1. Mac ( Post author )

        Well it’s all just a matter of different taste Tom. We all listen to different styles and genres πŸ™‚

  4. peter

    Amxing. How many bikes got busted before she mastered all that…If she was your GF I know who wears the pants!!!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Hahaha πŸ˜€ lol. My guess is: a lot of bikes! Poor machines πŸ™‚

  5. Karryn Nagel

    Article written from sexist point of view, why on EARTH would you assume a French girl would be romantic and not adventurous? And why does it matter if she’s a girl.
    A PERSON WITH TALENT IS JUST A PERSON. Appreciate the talent, not “despite” or “because” of anything else.
    mic drop

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      We were referring to the well-known French romance Karryn. No disrespecting at all. Of course we consider her an extremely talented girl. We only admire her skills, courage and self-confidence.

  6. Naveen

    i Love to have a Life Partner in this ways so my life Would be Happy

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I hear you Naveen. That would surely be great.

  7. shashi

    no words she is amazing with her bike and beautiful with her style ….. gr88 talent

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Yes indeed friend. This girl is absolutely fantastic. A great example of talent and skills.

  8. shaheer

    my love..linda stunt rider ever..look at the moves and freestyling ..over all the best smile she got..

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Glad you enjoyed the video Shaheer. This girl definitely provided us with some extraordinary performance.

  9. rakesh

    Comment * what a girl riding .so beauty very telletted sarah .socool girl

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I agree Rakesh. She is definitely talented and amazing!

  10. Ranveer

    I think am in love with this girl…

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I can see why Ranveer. She’s totally awesome! πŸ™‚

  11. Neil

    Title says it wrong – this girl has a whole lot of heart and soul – keep it up girl !

  12. Colleen Buckley - Gatto

    Holy crap….excuse my language. OMG….the skills Sarah has are crazy mad. Kudos to her for following her passion. In a male dominated sports she has blown through the glass ceiling. What a role model for other girls whether they ride a motorcycle or not, but purely on the basis that you can and should follow your dreams whatever they may be. I’m extending an open invitation should she find herself in California please contact me. We would love to see you perform at one of our events. Keep up the impressive performances and keep the videos coming you’ve got a new true fan…. “TEAM SARAH LEZITO”

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I couldn’t agree any more with you Colleen. Thank you for all your support. Cheers friend! πŸ™‚

  13. Nazar

    She cant be real. ….kudos babes. …Not easy to achieve..its ur hard work

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I’m with you there friend. This girl deserves all the titles! πŸ™‚

  14. Syed Shayon Khaled

    Great skills…but the last kangaroo surely ended in a crash. Anyway, Bravo!!!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I wish I had her talent. She is unbelievable!


    been riding over 30 years she makes me look dull what a girl im in love x

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I can only admire her skills and talent. Truly an amazing girl!

  16. Connie van Wyk

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is magic!!!!!!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      It’s our pleasure to hear that Connie! Enjoy the video!

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