EPIC WICKED SOUNDS Of The 100% CARBON Lightweight Reiter Lamborghini Gallardo Extenso R-EX!

Ladies and gentleman this is the first unofficial video of this light-weight monster and we would love to share all the details that we find out about it! Yeah; you all know that Lamborghini evolved since the Gallardo was introduced and their new beast is Huracan, but this old dragon can still pump your adrenaline!

The impressive thing is that only 10 cars will be ever made from this awesome model, Reiter‘s Gallardo R-EX fully made of carbon , based on the Gallardo LP560-4 GT3 FL2! Can you imagine the weight of this dragon? Yeah it’s not passing the weight of Fiesta with 1-liter Ecoboost engine!

This dragon is specially designed by Reiter to match the FIA GT3 regulations but still with preserved Lamborghini beauty and Italian charm! Also you can notice that the exhaust is tuned and sounds really EPIC!

Are you interested about the price? Yeah, it won’t cost you a million; it will cost around $300K! If you are enthusiast you can buy one of these for racing and you will be allowed to race at SRO GT Sport Club, Pirelli World Challenge and Blancpain GT Series.

At the end before you jump to watch the video we bring you Hans Reiter’s target, which obviously he accomplished! “Since the demise of the good old GT1 class, GT racing lost emotion! Also the Gallardo followed this trend through the years. With the new FL2 we want to arouse emotions and further improve the performance”!


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