GREEN DEMONIC Lamborghini Huracan DMC “Affari” BLOWS MY MIND!

Affected by tuning, the supercar Lamborghini Huracan has been demonstrated by the German tuning company DMC. The designed package of improvements which was called Affari provides the sports car with an arsenal of various adjustments.

The package of tuning improvements includes the integration of aerodynamic body kit and stylish alloy wheels, as well as updated interior trim and modernization of the power plant. At present, specialists of the German company is actively engaged in the creation of the second stage of modernization for the project.

To make the supercar with bright green bodywork design look more aggressively, which for the hybrid model Lamborghini Asterion is typical in the original implementation, the tuner designed a body kit, which includes a lower splitter, side skirts and side-lining on the front bumper.

In addition, the body of the supercar has impressive amenities and the rear bumper diffuser has three possible positions of a large wing which even the Lamborghini Roadster can look good with. All of the above specified components are made of carbon fiber.

During the tuning of the interior of the Lamborghini Huracan the specialists of the company use the Italian Alcantara and leather, carbon and contrast stitching. In addition to this, they realized a small optimization of the 5.2 liter V10 integrated power unit and new exhaust, whereby the output power was increased to 630 horses.


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