Ferrari California T, Lotus Esprit, Aventador And Two Magnificent Nissan GTRs Leaving At Car Meet! YOU WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE OF THEM IN YOUR GARAGE!

There is nothing cooler than having one of these cars in your garage. I am talking about Ferrari California T, Lotus Esprit, Aventador and GTR. They are beautiful and they are fast. The Ferrari California T has 3.9L V8 engine and horsepower of 553 HP. This car can go from 0-100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds. The Lotus Espirit is a sports car and has beautiful interior with sport steering wheel and carbon fiber. It is a wonderful sport car.

The Lamborghini Aventador has 6.5L L539 V12 engine and has semi-automatic transmission with 7 speeds. Finally the last one, the Nissan GTR is a powerful car with 3.8L turbo V6 engine with 6 automatic speeds and it looks perfect. This cars are great for everyone, they are expensive but they are worth it. They have everything a car needs, cool looks and fast wheels. We leave you to see this video and decide which car do you like the most. We can say that these cars are maybe in the top 10 cars in the world. Every person has different taste in cars, but there is no doubt that you would be interested in one of these magnificent cars. Let us know which car made you wish that you had it.


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