Want Some? GARGANTUAN Amount of Luxury in The World’s First Private Boeing 747-8 Concept Airplane from Greenpoint!

We all know what the name Boeing means! A brand which produces the most eminent airplanes in the world which are flying like elegant big birds in highest highs. Let us introduce you the newest 747-8 model, the third 747 generation which is the largest passenger airplane you can ever fly and holds the name largest commercial airplane.

And now imagine that huge space for 467 passengers transformed into a private mansion. Enormous space 20x200feet transformed in luxury place with breath-taking details. Real art of design and luxury created by Greenpoint Technologies, sounds familiar? Yeah, here we speak for extravagant designer who designs VIP airplanes interior, corporate and commercial interior.

You want to know who is the buyer? We want also, but the company Boeing keeps the buyer’s name unknown if you consider the fact that a regular Boeing 747-400 costs $357 million can you guess the price of this one, and yeah; here we are speaking for one of the richest man in the world.

But the company did reveal some other interesting details for the space inside which include: dining room, master bedroom suite, two spacious lounge areas, office and the guest room. It takes three year to the company to finish the project!

The technical details speaks for 16% better fuel economy, 13% lower tickets costs per seat (for the commercial airplanes) and very important thing for the luxurious mansion, 30% quitter. Want to take a look inside? Watch the video bellow.


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