TWIN TURBO Vs. SINGLE TURBO Battle!!! This INSANE GIANT TURBO Supra Battles The INFAMOUS TWIN TURBO Red Dragon Chevy Pickup You May Have Seen On Street Outlaws!!!

I bet you guys wondered how powerful can be a 1500 horsepower Toyota Supra. It is a fast car, but can it battle with a crazy 1600 horsepower truck? It’s hard to say but the truck is unbeatable! In this video you are about to see something powerful as the battle of the titans.

On the left side of the drag race track we have the super fast Toyota Supra, high end tuned with 1500 horsepower engine. On the right side we have the super fast high end tuned truck. The Supra is painted black with big rear tires prepared for drag races. On the back we can suspect the parachute that is a must have for a car like this. The Chevy truck is painted red and it also has the parachute braking system. From the start of the race, it was obvious that the truck will eat the Supra. The truck won the race, but the distance between the two titans was very long. The truck got his 1st place fixed.

I hope you enjoyed this video and make sure you let us know what you think about this race. Enjoy!


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