HRE Wheels Turned This Nissan GT-R Into A Terrifying Green Monster With MIND-BLOWING POWER Of 942 HP!!!

Here is another suggestion for the looks of Nissan GT-R, this time in a slightly different, a little crazy taste. If someone likes to be evident, and vibrant colors do not make him afraid, the green interpretation of the company HRE Wheels should come to his taste.

green-hulk-widebody-nissan-gtr-from-jotech-on-hre-wheels-front low view

The basis for the changes was to expand the body of the Nissan GT-R. HRE Wheels gave the appropriate settings in a very characteristic and typical form of wheels. At the beginning of the description, I note that the not so visual settings, as shown by the green monster Hulk, are really crazy.This is one of the most extreme body kits available for the street version of the Nissan GT-R.

The car hides the engine under the hood a JoTech Stage 5 kit, which produces up to 942 horsepower. This is perhaps the most powerful package available on the market for this vehicle.

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