Watch this IMPRESSIVE WORLD’S FIRST Electric Off Road Skateboard Rolling Around! ULTIMATE FUN!

Have you ever seen a Remote Controlled skateboard? Besides that it is not scaled and can carry a fair load and the most impressive part is it can go off-road loaded!

Can you imagine that BIG DADDY board with off-road tires rolling around?

Honestly it would be hard to be imagined, but don’t worry that’s why we are here to skip that part and tell you that this mighty little weird machine exists, and only few minutes separate you to see it, yeah, it would be good to read some of the technical details before you jump on the video.

The RC skateboard uses BIG DADDY board for improved maneuverability, the source of the performance is Lithium-Polymer battery that powers the 800watts electric motor and that power is transferred on the aluminum rock-solid 10.43 inches in diameter wheels wrapped with rubber off-road tires. The battery allows 10-15 miles ride with maximum speed of 22mph and that’s not all plus 300lbs of load. Now you have it.

Honestly that’s long distance and on the way this guy is recording it, his arm will go off and couldn’t handle the pressure. Watch the adventure and notice on his shadow, not even for a moment he helped the RC skateboard in the movement.


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