Canadians Invented The BEST SNOWMOBILE Ever! COOLEST Thing Or What?!

You know that we are constantly showing you all kinds of inventions that are offering intelligent solutions that can make our environment a better place for living, right? So today we are going to show you a video of something that I would describe as the best thing I have seen in a long time.

If you think that you have seen it all when it comes to snowmobiles and things that can make your life easier if you are living in a snow covered area, believe me you have not! Canadians had come up with something so cool, so original and unique, so handy and practical, that it would be safe to call it a Swiss army knife amongst all the snowmobiles I have ever seen.

And I guess it only comes natural for a man to be adopted to its environment, and when it comes to Canadians, that means snow. And we all know that despite all its magic and beauty, snow can cause many problems, especially when it comes to mobility. So they have invented something that looks between a snowmobile and an electric sled. It is one very versatile machine that allows you to move through the deep snow easy. It is called MTT-136, and it is a unitrack machine with bars that are also mobile, able to go up and down, according and depending on the ‘road’ conditions. It weights about 280 lbs, and the best thing about it that is rechargeable, and it has a range of 27 to 130 miles, depending on the type of battery.

You think it sounds too cool to be true? Just watch the video and see it for yourself. Probably The coolest snowmobile ever made.

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25 thoughts on “Canadians Invented The BEST SNOWMOBILE Ever! COOLEST Thing Or What?!

  1. Paul Stencell Jr.

    Wowzers another great invention by a great Canadian Eh !!. See its a great wonder to see the amazement of these great entrepreneurs that are bred up here in Canada huh? Only here from Canada can something this magnificent come about and be built, first there was the Ski Doo and now THIS TA DA !!!!! only a CANADIAN could go out and freeze ones skull off and dare to be adventurous only from CANADA EH!!. See ones proud of the rugged harshness it takes to make one of these machines that people say just can’t be done. and for what do yee want to be left behind …NO …you want to be to leader of thee pack of Canajuns ehh , so ones being alittle slang but when you come from Canada and your told you can’t …You say what can’t Win …that’s not possible not coming from Canada Ehh . Canajuns are go getters not second placers no sir’ee that is

    1. Mac

      I agree Paul, this is surely an amazing machine. Many thanks for your great comment . We are glad you enjoyed our article. Best regards! 🙂

      1. dave

        Mac where is this ski made,
        how much are they, is there a web site. I will look closer on this page

        1. Mac

          Currently Yvon Martel’s MTT-136 electric sled is only a working prototype, but the Quebec inventor is actively looking for investors to further develop and manufacture the product.

    1. Mac

      Cool vehicles Frank. Thanks for sharing the video with us 🙂

  2. John

    How does one see about the cost and buying one?

    1. Mac

      Well John, currently Yvon Martel’s MTT-136 electric sled is a working prototype, but the Quebec inventor is actively looking for investors to further develop and manufacture the product.

  3. kay

    This is like an old school husky, except a new version.

    1. Mac

      Yes, you’re right Kay, it is similar to it.

    1. Mac

      That’s amazing Tuomo. Unfortunately the link you posted doesn’t work. Could you give us more info about the one invented in Finland? Thanks 🙂

      1. Petri O. Karkola

        The original vehicle was called ‘ummenajokas’, invented in Finland by Mr. Matti Lohi.

        Here’s the Wikipedia article, unfortunately in Finnish only:

        Images can be found in Google image search on ‘ummenajokas’. The first three results depict the original invention.

        There appears to have been a bunch of improvements on the original during the years, but the Canadian one in your article seems to be the most modern one, also in versatility.

        1. Mac

          Many thanks for the info Petri. Cheers! 🙂

  4. Leanne

    Sorry….not so “NEW IDEA” more like an update on an old idea.
    My grandfather gave my father an even older version of the Hus-ski. It went through anything. He told me the military has a similar version that they used for search and rescue because Ski-Doo style snowmobiles couldn’t get into “tough” areas. You really should change your intro, it’s misleading and you’re going to get called out on it repeatedly.

    1. Mac

      Thanks for the information and the suggestion Leanne.

  5. RussInMaine

    This design was marketed by Bolens as the Diablo Rouge back in the late 60’s early 70’s. My Uncle Bill was a dealer in them, thus I spent many hours playing on one. You could cut endless 360 cookies with them. lol

    1. Mac

      Thanks a lot for the information and the video Russin. I’m sure all of our fans will enjoy it. Best regards! 🙂

  6. Mike Cooper

    I am not sure why everyone needs to point out that this is not a new idea. I am sure they knew there was a history of a product similar to theirs, however these new ones look pretty damn cool, seem more functional and from what I can tell electric. Seems revolutionary compared to those dinosaurs everyone else is sharing.

    1. Mac

      It’s not a problem at all Mike. This way we can learn more about other snowmobiles as well.

  7. palmer

    Don’t people read the comments before they comment??… let’s see how many more people are going to refer the “hus-ski” machine…. lmao… Mac this is a killer machine thanks for sharing with the world! … If those other machines from back in the day were so good they world still be around!

    1. Mac

      No worries Palmer. Glad you like the article. Cheers! 😉

  8. John Cabianca

    In the early 60’s Husky, or possibly Bolens-Husky made a yellow snowmobile. In the mid-late 60’s, Bolens bought out Husky, changed the color to red, and called them Diablo Rouge. I had these machines from the early 60’s until 2005, when I sold them. They still ran good and were in good shape. They were like mini-tanks. I could go anywhere with them. I think that this new battery operated version would be much lighter, therefore easier to maneuver and more portable. This also has reverse, a handy feature that the Bolens didn’t have. The Bolens did have a much more comfortable 3 person seat though, but that also made the Bolens less portable. I would love to try one of these, to compare it to my old machines. I think this might be a winner!, depending on the price.

    1. Mac

      Many thanks for sharing this information John. I’m sure our readers could use it.

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