IXION Windowless Jet Concept Gives Passengers 360-Degree High Resolution View! Flying Becomes The Ultimate Pleasure!

The unique airliner IXION was developed by the French design company Technicon Design in which there are no side windows familiar to us.

The original solution of the design bureau to remove the heavy weight windows facilitated the aircraft, thus its body gained a higher mechanical strength, and even allowed to replace some of the elements with lighter materials, thus improving its performance and capabilities. But the flight in a confined space without seeing what’s going on outside the plane is of course uncomfortable. Then the designers took the case and offered a compromise solution for the replacement of window panels, with high-resolution displays, which are located throughout the length of the cabin, thus forming a huge TV screen arc, enveloping the walls and ceiling.

That is, during the flight, passengers have the unique opportunity to observe a circular image that takes place in real time outside the aircraft. But if at that time outside the aircraft there is a bad weather and because of fog and clouds is not possible to see anything, the passengers is offered high retransmission of other types and even unusual cosmic interplanetary travel, such as what you experience when you visit the planetarium, but with a clearer and better picture. You can also watch movie films, TV shows and more. And no matter in what place the passengers are sitting, the aircraft panoramic picture is equally good for everyone.



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