Lamborghini Gallardo Drifting And Downshifts With Amazing Loud Sound On Racetrack In Poland!

Not that this super car is way too old and retired send in history but this is just a lovely tribute full with drifting, downshifts and lovely adrenaline sound!

Yeah, for sure this beast will never be left to go in history just like that, we will always remember it and feel the same feeling as the first day we met him, yeah, that’s because this Italian beauty and power are everlasting! And what is the best way to pay a tribute to someone?

Of course it is showing its strengths to the world and what was it capable of, and on this tribute video filmed during Gran Turismo Polonia 2014 it’s exactly that. The accent is placed on the black Lamborghini Gallardo which is awesomely drifting the turns and then it accelerates instantly.

What else left unsaid? We are trying to find even more words about the Gallardo but the same name tells everything so everything else would be forced and sufficient, that’s why we recommend you to watch the video, enjoy the amazing drifts and downshifts and the adrenaline sounds that echoes on the Tor Poznań racetrack in Poland.

That’s the Lamborghini Gallardo ladies and gentlemen, pumping your adrenaline.


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