This One Of A Kind Hot Rod With CATERPILLAR DIESEL ENGINE Is ONE OF THE CRAZIEST THINGS Seen At Cruisin’ The Coast 2015!!!

How cool it is for a construction vehicles brand to make and design a car? Well they thought that it would be darn cool, and so do we, as we saw this Caterpillar hot rod standing in the parking lot.

We appreciate the idea of the Caterpillar Company to produce such vehicle, because they are only known for the trucks and all construction related vehicles. This is the first ever Caterpillar hot rod made, and we like it so much. It has an original Caterpillar engine, diesel of course, installed and it is gorgeous to see such an engine on this kind of vehicle, together with the Caterpillar drivetrain it makes the perfect combination.

This hot rod is bigger than the usual ones, and considering that Caterpillar produced it, it should be big as it is, no complaints there. The wheels are not common small hot rod wheels, they mounted large truck rims and tires on it, so now it looks a little bit scary.

We cannot so it in action, and we don’t know how it will perform on the road, but we are sure that it would be a perfect ride because we believe in caterpillar and we don’t doubt them.


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