OMG! PARADE OF LAMBORGINIs and Other Supercars In New Jersey For A Noble Cause!

One thing that we love about great cars is not only their excellent looks and powerful performance but also when they are used in various noble causes. People today organize many charity events that intend to support the people who are in need.

One of them is Driven by Purpose which takes place each year in New Jersey and around the tri-state. This car event is organized with invitation only for its participants while exclusively for exotic cars as well. With each year the number of participants and great cars seen on the events grows more and more. With the increasing of the number of members also the status of the events rises.

Each event organized by this organization includes delicious food, great music and gorgeous spectacular cars as far as your eye can see. For the first 200 participants are provided gift bags, while the best cars are awarded with trophies. High end dealers will are on hand to present their latest and greatest offer of cars. Surely Driven by Purpose is the largest concentration of exotic cars in the northeast of the United States!

Here is one great video of this year’s edition filmed by our fellow car lover RealMCR12 where we see some stunning beauties such as Huracan, Gallardo, Corvette C7 Stingray, Audi R8 and several Ferraris. Enjoy the view! 🙂


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