Paul Walker Dead: LAST FOOTAGE Of The Actor Posted On The Day Of His Death! HE WAS SUCH A GREAT GUY!

The announcement that said “Paul Walker dead” had left us all in tears. Is there a person that didn’t warship the life and the act of Paul Walker? We think that there is not a person like that and we all loved this guy as he knew how to act and how to make the scenes of the movies better. The Fast and Furious franchise that was made by Universal Studios recognized the talent of Paul Walker and they needed him for their movies.

Maybe this is why Paul Walker has rose to be the notorious street racer that he was remembered as and he was in love with the fast and street racing cars too. Pronouncing Paul Walker dead was the news of last year and we have all read the articles that were explaining the death. There were too many rumors that were not true at all and only one has made too much sense.

There was an official ongoing investigation at that time and they have found out that the tires that were used on the car that Paul Walker raced with ere too old. Because of the age of the tires and because of the speed that the car was going, there was an explosion from the pressure and the whole car went off path. That’s why Paul Walker crashed with the car and this took away his life. Being in love with the fast racing cars is a good thing, it is not considered bad but you need to be too careful when you are racing.

The news reporters reported the news on Paul Walker being dead as they have seen and they know it all. But it was not true.

Here we have the last footage of the actor and we can see hip happily buying some food at the counter. RIP you legend.


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