Porsche 911 R Is Back – As ONE OF ONLY 991 Editions!!! Once Upon A Time This Lightweight Sports Car Left A WEIGHTY IMPRESSION!

Old school new thrill is the slogan for this new Porsche 911 R and we are going to dig it all the way. We like the slogan too but we like the car even better, what about you? This is one great revival of the Porsche 911 that has left such a mark on the car industry. Who doesn’t remember when the first 911 was driven in the USA and the people were wondering how it would be if they had it too? That was the time when this model of the Porsche went ballistic and all the people wanted to have one for them.

The new Porsche 911 R is carrying so much from its predecessors and it should because the designer knew what they were doing back then and they do now. Back in 1967 the old Porsche 911 R was produced in limited-run only of 23 examples. They were sold as they came out of the factory and the plain version of the 911 was sold even faster.

Now the Porsche 918 Spyder owners got an allocation for this new Porsche 911 R which is revived and looking better than ever. There were some people that wanted to complain for not getting the offer to buy the new 911 R but there were no arguments for that. It is a brand that is only sold to previous owners, or current owners of other model of the Porsche line and there is no arguing about it.

Having too much money leads to this and a mortal cannot even smell the 911 R. Now this version of the car was made in only 991 editions and also they were also sold as they got gas in the tank. See the new Porsche 911 R in action and live again the good old days.


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